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Your Health

    Your body has got a natural insurance policy - mechanism for self-recovery from stress, tireness, illness and even ageing, but this mechanism needs to be activated. One of the strongest ways to do this activation is usage of ancient breathing practices coupled with specially selected physical exercises.

    Special breathing techniques by Grandmaster Huynh Ngoc An make it possible to restore one's strength. The techniques can be used to maintain good health as well as fight illnesses.

    Breathing practice "Khi Cong" is perfect for people of all ages - from young to old!

    Use of weapons makes part of Wing Chun training. Other important courses include physical training and respiratory gymnastics (Khi Cong). This original respiratory gymnastics is based on yoga and in large part imitates it. Health-improving effect of Khi Cong is beyond compare as regards aerobics or shaping. Absolute control over one's body, high flexibility of joints, iron-strong muscles withstanding heavy impact loads, and healthy organism easily sustaining physical and psychological overloads, all remaining to the extreme age - is Khi Cong.

    This method of training is based on the conception that the human organism functions through interaction of various energies circulating in the body like blood in veins, arteries and capillaries. In the sound body the blood is circulating in the predetermined "channels" without any congestions. But it's a quite another matter when a sickness affects the body. Energy outflow from organs makes them weak and liable to diseases, energy congestion is equally adverse. Controlled breathing can clean energy channels and send energy to a "starving" part of the body.

    So the ability to control energy through breathing is the foundation of energy Kung Fu, Khi Cong in the Vietnamese, and a part of Vietnamese Wing Chun school of Grandmaster Huynh Ngoc An. By combining special breathing techniques, stances and moves the students achieve significant health improvements. Most of them could not do the "push-ups in the "lotus" pose" before they came to Wing Chun school, some suffered from chronic illnesses like rhinitis, etc. The reason lies in the strengthening of the body overall "energy coat" achieved by controlled breathing. It's easy to notice that top results are shown by ladies, thus making Wing Chun Kung Fu classes suitable for everyone, not just young, physically strong men. Strength of muscles is not everything.

    Regular performance of Khi Cong exercises improves the protective forces of your organism being an integral energy system (and your health as a consequence) and keeps you young both physically and mentally till the extreme age.

    - Master An, is it possible to recover from various diseases through training at your school?

    - I can't say for certain but the person who adheres to all the rules of Wing Chun can recover from many diseases and weaknesses. All what he needs is persistence.

    - Please tell us about the respiratory gymnastics - Khi Cong?

    - It is difficult to explain the internal processes. Each breathing exercise has an influence on a particular human organ. One can control his organs at his will. For example, he can change the shape of his bones and the body as a whole.

    - So it may require high energy consumption?

    - Energy consumption is very low. All this is achieved through intensive training. I hope that this information will help to choose this martial art and start training. Then you will be cheerful and successful in your business.

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