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Buddha Guan Inh - The Past (small - click for normal size) Buddha Gautama - the Present time (small - click for normal size) Buddha Maitreiy - The Future Time (small - click for normal size)

Bodhisattva (small - click for normal size)     Buddhism is one of the oldest religions in the world. Buddhism got it's name after the honorable title of it's founder - Buddha (The Enlightened) Shak'yamuni. For 2,500 years of it's existence Buddhism developed not only the religion and philosophy per se, but also the culture, art and educational system. It was Buddhism that influenced greatly the formation and development of the martial arts on the East. Therefore, it is impossible to understand the philosophy and martial arts in general and Wing Chun Kung Fu in particular without the knowledge of the basics and history of Buddhism. In order to empower the reader with the knowledge of Wing Chun Kung Fu in the relevant context of it's development, in this part you are offered a number of articles about the Buddhism.

      Buddah Way


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